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MASON CASH 英國百年烘焙餐廚【Innovative Kitchen 系列】櫸木多功能料理烘焙 5件組 | TP2008-04  Innovative Kitchen Gadget Set B (7pcs)

The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range delivers smart solutions for day to day kitchen needs. Each item within the range has a traditional function with a modern twist that brings either dual function or improved performance. The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Utensils range has been designed for multi-functionality and comfort. Each one of the beechwood tools is perfect for multiple tasks in-hand.


Set includes: 

  1. Slotted Spoon (H 0.7" x W 2.7" x D 12.5", Beechwood)X1
  2. Whisk and Reamer (H 2.4" x W 2.4" x D 11.4", Beechwood)X1
  3. Turner and Rack Grabber (H 1.4" x W 2.7" x D 13", Beechwood)X1
  4. Solid Spoon and Jar Scraper (H 1" x W 2.7" x D 13.5", Beechwood)X1
  5. Pastry Brush and Fork (H 0.4" x W 0.86" x D 8.5", Beechwood)X1

Hand wash only

The Spatula has a jar scraper end that can be used to decorate cupcakes.

The Slotted Spoon incorporates an egg separator.


The Balloon Whisk incorporates a citrus reamer.

The Slotted Turner end is shaped to push and pull oven racks.


The Solid Spoon features spoon measurements, and a silicone jar scraper.

The Pastry Brush incorporates a fork end that acts as an egg whisk, pastry prick and pie crimper.


The Spaghetti and Risotto Spoon is a specially designed 3-in-1 utensil which allows you to prepare, stir and serve spaghetti and risotto. The two holes in the spoon head perfectly measure 1 & 2 person portions of spaghetti and the square edge is ideal for stirring risotto, allowing the for a free flow of rice whilst also getting into pan corners.

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