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MASON CASH 英國百年烘焙餐廚【Innovative Kitchen 系列】陶瓷 廚房用品收納架/隔熱架 | INNOVATIVE KITCHEN TOOL TIDY & TRIVET

The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range delivers smart solutions for day to day kitchen needs. Each item within the range has a traditional function with a modern twist that brings either dual function or improved performance. 


The Utensil Pot holds all of the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Utensils and Roller Shaker rolling pin neatly and the divider doubles as a trivet to protect work surfaces from hot cookware.


Utensil Pot

H 7.5" x Dia 6.25"
62.5 fl oz / 1.9 qt
2 IN 1 FUNCTION:With Utensil Divider & Trivet

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