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MASON CASH 英國百年烘焙餐廚【Innovative Kitchen 系列】櫸木 糕點刷/奶油刷/派皮叉 | INNOVATIVE KITCHEN PASTRY BRUSH & FORK

The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range delivers smart solutions for day to day kitchen needs. Each item within the range has a traditional function with a modern twist that brings either dual function or improved performance. The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Utensils range has been designed for multi-functionality and comfort. Each one of the beechwood tools is perfect for multiple tasks in-hand.


The Pastry Brush incorporates a fork end that acts as an egg whisk, pastry prick and pie crimper.


Pastry Brush and Fork

H 0.4" x W 0.86" x D 8.5"
Hand wash only


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